Offshore Personal Survival Training

The Offshore Personal Survival course held on November 11 and 12 in Montréal attracted many sailors! A total of 28 people took up the challenge of learning how to deal with different situations that no one ever wants to face! Crew overboard, damage control, hypothermia, fire, distress signals, life rafts, search and rescue, weather, and many other topics were covered in theoretical presentations, discussions and practical exercises.

The group was made up of boaters and racers, many of whom are preparing for the Transat Québec Saint-Malo in the summer of 2024. Members of the Atlas team and the captain of the 100% women's Femina Élite team were present.

The portion of the course held in one of the Olympic Park pools was one of the highlights. It's a unique experience to see a life raft unfold, and to climb aboard in your boots, bib pants, sailing jacket and inflated PFD!

The course, organized by Voile Québec and sanctioned by Sail Canada and World Sailing, is given on average twice a year in Québec.

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