2023 Cruising Instructors' Convention

On Sunday, November 5, the 2023 edition of the Annual Instructors' Convention was held at the Maison du Loisir et du Sport. This year's event brought together nearly 80 cruising instructors from all over the province, including some 20 who were able to participate remotely thanks to the hybrid mode offered since 2022.

The day's schedule was packed, with a morning plenary session featuring lectures of general interest to all instructors: Sail Canada news, TP 15136 and other regulations, as well as storms and hurricanes.

After a pleasant lunch in the cafeteria of the Maison du Loisir et du Sport, the instructors, divided into groups according to their level, headed for their respective rooms for the "Focus on teaching" workshops. This year's new format led to numerous enriching exchanges.

The day ended on a high note with a cocktail party, where everyone was able to chat, share their best sailing memories of the summer and exchange contacts and good tips. A great day to end the 2023 season and set course for 2024.

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