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Be a member of Voile Québecis above all about being connected to the network of all those involved in the world of sailing in Quebec. It also means being informed of all the available training, all the events, and all the meetings that take place in Quebec and which bring together the main players in the world of sailing. Voile Québec members are also immediately covered by accident insurance wherever they sail in Canada.

Become a member and thus contributing to the success of Voile Québec also means ensuring the sustainability of our sport. It means ensuring that qualified instructors are there to train young sailors, and boaters of all ages who are discovering our sport or taking training to improve their knowledge and their level of skill, performance and safety.

For companies and associations, becoming a member means benefiting from a direct connection with boaters in Quebec, and having access to privileged visibility with schools, clubs, and boaters in general. A company that supports Voile Québec also promotes the rejuvenation of boating in Quebec, and ensures that in 5, 10 or 20 years, our marinas, our sailing clubs, and all businesses that offer goods and services to boaters will have a renewed clientele.

The services offered to members of the federation are varied and depend on the type of affiliation that links the member to the FVQ. You can become a member as an individual, or as an institution, whether you are a company or an organization such as an association or club.

Individual members

You are a member if:

  • you are a member of a club affiliated with the FVQ
  • you are a trainee from a school approved by the FVQ
  • you are a Sail Canada instructor/trainer in good standing
  • you are a racing official or judge in good standing*
  • you are a Team Quebec athlete 
  • you are an independent person and have paid the membership fees
  • become an individual member

Institutional members

  • This group includes clubs that bring together individual members, provide services to boaters, or organize events; the schools which provide sailing instruction to trainee members; holiday camps which provide introductions to sailing, class associations, as well as any other group interested in the promotion and development of sailing.
 If your organization is not already an institutional member, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Benefits offered to all our members

Pleasure Craft Operator Card (CCEP)

By being a member of the FVQ, you can obtain your pleasure craft operator card online with our partner You benefit from 50% off!

 Learn more about the CCEP  

Accident insurance

By being a member of the FVQ, you automatically have insurance coverage in the event of an accident on your sailboat (injuries, mutilations, death). 

 View full insurance details    

Receive the newsletter

The Quebec Sailing Federation newsletter is sent every month by email to our members and to anyone who wishes it. Do not hesitate to register to be kept informed on sailing news in Quebec

10% discount on SAL training

By being a member of the FVQ you are entitled to a 10% discount on offshore survival training.

More information about the clinic.

10% discount on book purchases at the FVQ

By being a member of the FVQ you automatically obtain a 10% discount on book purchases at the FVQ. 

Visit our store.

5% discount on Topper boats and sailboat accessories

Topper is pleased to offer all FVQ members a 5% discount on the company's boats and accessories.
Visit the Topper Canada website.

10% discount on Happy Yak products

Get 10% off your online purchases from the Happy store
Happy Yak dishes will delight your taste buds. Take advantage of this discount from $100 of purchase and free shipping.


*To take advantage of this offer, simply create an account on the website and select Quebec Sailing Federation. The discount coupon will then appear in your basket.

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