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By being an individual member of the Quebec Sailing Federation, you have several services and benefits.

You are a member if:

  •  you are a member of a FVQ affiliated club
  • you are taking sailing lessons in a school affiliated with the FVQ
  •  you are a registered Sail Canada instructor / coach
  •  you are a Team Quebec athlete (benefits reserved to the team members) *
  •  you are a certified race officer or judge **
  •  you are taking sailing lessons in a school affiliated with the FVQ
  •  you are an independent person (registration form



Subscription to the magazine l'Escale Nautique:


                             Reception of the magazine 4 times per year (of the current year) valued at $5.95 per 

Accident insurance:

BFL_canada_logo.jpg                                   By being a member of the FVQ, you automatically have insurance coverage in case of accident on
sailboat (injuries, mutilations, death).

More information.
                                *This offer does not apply to Judges / Race Officer and Athlete members, unless they are
                                         members of their club.

Reception of the Voile Québec newsletter:


              The FVQ  newsletter is sent monthly by e-mail, to our members and to all of those who
             requested to
receive it.

             Do not hesitate to register to stay in touch with sailing news in Quebec (link on the


10% discount on Offshore safety and survival training:


                                                     All members of the FVQ are entitled to a 10% discount for the Offshore Safety and Survival

                                                    More information about the clinic.




10% discount on book purchases at the FVQ:


                                                   By being a member of the FVQ you automatically get a 10% discount on book purchases
                                             at the FVQ.
                                             *This offer 
does not apply to training members.






5% discount on Topper Sailboat and accessories :      




                                                      Topper Sailboat Canada is happy to offer any member of the FVQ a 5 % discount on boat and
                                                  Visit the website Topper Canada.
                                                  To take advantage to this offer, contact the  distributor with your FVQ's number


10% discount on Happy Yak products:

LOGO_HappyYak_ca_PMS158.png                                          Get 10% off your online shopping at Happy
                                          Canada Company from Quebec specializing in the sale of outdoor meals, Happy Yak dishes will
                                          delight your taste buds. Take advantage of this discount on $100 purchase and free shipping
                                          offered to discover their specialties that will be perfect offshore meals.
                                            * To take advantage of this offer, simply create an account on and select Sailing Federation
                                                    of Quebec. Thereafter the discount coupon will appear in your shopping cart.


Enjoy the benefits of the AMQ:


                                       Since May 2017, the FVQ and the Association Maritime du Québec have set up a
                                  partnership that allows their respective members to benefit from the advantages of both
                                  organizations. FVQ members and new members can become members of the AMQ for only
                                  $16 instead of $30 and benefit from their many advantages.
                                                              Click here to discover the advantages of the AMQ.
Click here to become a member.

Others services available to FVQ members:

Services available to individual members Club  Training  Individual  Instructor/coach Race officer/ Judge 
Access to expertise services in race management: handicap, technical, appeal, etc. X
Right to register for races and have the results recognized X
Representation and defence of the rights and interests of sailors X X X X
Right to participate and vote at the FVQ Annual General Meeting X  X X
Right to participate in activities governed by the FVQ (other than racing which is a privilege exclusive to club members): clinics, training camps, congress, seminars, Annual General Meeting, etc.* X X X
Right to participate in cruising and dinghy sailing pedagogical activities. Privileges linked to obtaining a cruising and dinghy certifications. X
Liability insurance coverage for certified instructors/coaches and for Race Officials (officials and judges) X X














*Athletes and race officier must be members in good standing of their club. They are eligible to services and privileges offered to club members.

** See the complete Quebec Sailing Team program for additional services provided to the athletes and the registration/selection process and fees.




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